Simple Rules:
A link to some simple rules and additions to the game
Healing Reform:
This rule does look as if it is too powerful, indeed. But only if you do not look closely enough and think a little while about it.
Martial Arts:
Because of the fact that all of the official martial arts rules that we know about are either nonsense (sorry!) (see fighters, priests, oriental adventures and especially(!) the ninja's handbook) or not too well developed and implemented (combat & tactics ...) we decided that it must be possible to create a martial arts system which is:

  • not too powerful but not too weak
  • complex but simple to handle in battle
  • worth its cost but not too costly
  • All in one: We wanted to create an attractive and playable system (and so we did).

"+60" Initiative System:
The old initiative system is simply too basic and so we invented our own.
Fighting Styles:
Here I present some additional fighting styles.
Here are to be found some weapon and nonweapon proficiencies.

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