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Healing Reform +60 Ini-System Proficiencies

Multi Shot: no cp cost

The multi shot does not really belong into the proficiencies section, but nonetheless I put it here. This proficiency is the logical continuation of the elven double shot.

With the double shot it is possible for an elf to shoot two arrows at once plus one additional arrow.
The double shot says that it is not possible to make more attacks than the two-at-once plus this additional one. That is a total of three arrows which is one more than the normal allotment.

But with Combat & Tactics specialists with bows receive (at last!) extra attacks and even the archer kit from the complete book of elves has one. For these characters a double shot is nothing too sensible, because they gain no "additional" attack.


An archer (specialist + kit) lvl. 6 who can normally attack three times per round gains not much despite initiative, damage and to hit penalties and when reaching 7th level (4 attacks) he even loses one of his attacks.

The multi shot allows the same, but goes further. Now the elf may shoot as much arrows at once as he can normally shoot in a full round and he also receives one additional shot. The penalties to do this are the same: +1 ini.., -1 to hit and dmg. per additional arrow and per additional target.


Three arrows at once:

  • Single target: (two add. arrows) => +2 ini., -2 to hit and damage.
  • Two targets: (two add. arrows, one add. target) => +3 ini., -3 to hit and damage.
  • Three targets: (two add. arrows, two add. targets) => +4 ini., -4 to hit and damage.

One might put this together like this:

It is even allowed to distribute the attacks and make more than one multi shot in a round.


Three arrows per round plus one.
These four may be distributed as follows:

  • three normal shots (no multi shot made, no extra attack)
  • one triple-shot plus one single-shot
  • two double-shots
  • one double-shot plus two single-shots
  • ...

The multi shots go with the penalty described above, single shots have of course no penalty.
An attack roll is made for each arrow shot (this is all quite as the normal double shot).

Movement Increase: 3 cp

By purchasing this skill the character increases his base movement rate by +1 and another +1 for every four additional character points (cp) spent on this skill.

Furthermore, when using the running proficiency the base movement rate is increased by another +1 for the time running.


Base MV is 12. After purchasing this skill this is set to 13. Spending another four character points makes it a 14. When running it will be MV 30 ( (14+1)*2 ) not 28.

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