Fighting Styles

Simple Rules Martial Arts Fighting Styles
Healing Reform +60 Ini-System Proficiencies

Draw And Release:

This is a new fighting style to be used with any bow or crossbow. It should be possible to quickly draw and release the weapon not really aiming but trusting in instinct and skill. The effect is that the archer will shoot earlier (weapons speed goes down by -4 to a minimum of 1) but it is harder for him to hit far away targets (to hit penalty due to range is doubled (point blank range is NOT affected). That makes a (still) 0 at short range, -4 at medium range and a -10 at long range and not to be forgotten a -20(!) at extreme range for high masters).
In short: -4 ini, double range penalties.
The cost is equal to one weapon proficiency, whichever system is used (slots, cp ...).

Woodcutter's Style: (THIS ONE WILL (probably) BE MODIFIED SOMETIME)

This fighting style may be used with (nearly) each melee weapon. It relies on pure strength rather than skill to defeat a given enemy. Fighting this way does rather look like cutting wood than swordplay, hence the name.

But for all it's awkward looking there are some real advantages:

  • The damage is increased by +1 if a character fights this way.
  • He is also able to convert each plus to to hit that comes from skill to a +2 to damage.
    ("Skill" means things like weapon of choice, specialization, mastery and the like)
  • He may decide from stroke to stroke how much exactly is converted.


A master with the long sword decides that a particular ogre must be killed quickly before it can alert whoever and so he launches some very powerful straight forward attacks converting all of his mastery to hit bonus to damage. He receives a +1 to damage due to this skill as always and an additional +6 (+3*2) to a total of +7 to damage. Poor ogre.

In short: Looks awkward, +1 to dmg., possible to convert to hit bonus to damage bonus.


In the beginning I said that nearly every melee weapon can be used with this style. One should use ones brain to decide which weapon is possible and which not. In general each heavy slashing or bludgeoning weapon fits well, but also a short sword should work nicely, but a knife (think of a swiss army tool) is simply too small to be used that way, where a foil might be large enough but missing an adequate mass.  

The cost is equal to one weapon proficiency, whichever system is used (slots, cp ...).

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