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If you know AD&D or at least role-playing
it might be interesting for you to enter.

Well, if you are not sure if you are the right person to enter this page you can try to pass the following test:
Tell me: What is a dwarf?
-a) A dwarf is a small person. Dwarfes can be found all over the world in particular in some regions of south america.
-b) A dwarf is pottery ware which can be found in foregardens. They mostly carry red hats a working overall and some kind of gardeners tool like a shovel or a rake. (retch!, ...sorry)
-c) A dwarf is a small bearded person from an ancient race who mostly live below earth. He often carries heavy armor and a big battleaxe, which has cleaved its share of orkish skulls.
-d) A dwarf is a small but broad person. He is always very skilled in repairing all kind of mechanical constructs.
-e) A dwarf is a white fured humanoid monster which lives in arctic climates.
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I want to Enter no matter what!
That is too tough, let me Leave this place.